What is a Mailing House?

Total mailing solutions

Mailing houses or bulk mail companies provide printing, mailing and postage solutions to business organisations, educational institutions, start-up companies or just about anybody who has a lot of mail to send. Bulk mail is a very good source of direct marketing, where an organisation can send physical mail to potential clients. In fact, postcards have proved to be a great cost-effective option for direct mail campaigns. But it is often difficult for an individual or an organisation to conceptualise, design the artwork and graphics by themselves.

Most mailing houses offer a one-stop solution for all printing and mailing requirements. Clients discuss their specific requirements with the mailing house experts who then pull the idea together, design the graphics, create the artwork. Once the content is ready, the print run is started. Here, the client has several options to choose from.

Mailing houses will also offer an envelope packing service with the use of auto inserters. Envelopes come in several standard sizes like C-4 and C-5 and even bespoke sizes. Mailing houses are equipped to handle end to end operations, including the delivery of products and goods to customers.

Finding the right clients

Direct marketing is successful only if the key messages reach the right target group. In addition, the campaign needs to reach the potential customer on time, in spite of a large and widespread circulation. Mailing houses are often better at achieving this because they own a large database of addresses in the city in which they operate. Due to their experience in this business, they can often reach remote locations on time.

Addressing requirements

Addressing on a mailing envelope is a process that needs to be followed meticulously. First, a list needs to be finalised based on the number of mails that have been printed. The envelope needs to have the correct postal format. Name of the addressee, followed by the name of the company/organisation (where applicable), house or building number or name (or both) name of the street, name of the locality, name of the city or town and ending with the postcode in capitals. The mail should also contain the return address in the same format.

Postage services and savings

Mailing houses offer postage as a part of their services. When customers order the print and mailing jobs together, they also have the opportunity to save money on postage. Bulk postage is cheaper than posting low volumes of mail. The bakergoodchild mailing house has tie-ups with international carriers who operate from the United Kingdom across the world. A unique selling proposition that bakergoodchild offers customers is that they can leverage their relationships with these carriers to get customers a very good deal on postage. Once the customer’s mailing requirements are defined, the bakergoodchild experts can create with a fantastic deal.

Time factor and quality control

Timely delivery of mail is of the utmost importance, without which the whole purpose of the mailing exercise is lost. But that does not mean that clients need to compromise on quality.

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