While everyone is sending spam,

Why not send a message?

Send handwritten letters to your prospects & clients.

Start by sending yourself a sample letter. It’s free.

Used by SDRs, Account Executives & Account managers in reputable companies.

How it works.

1. Enter your message or use one of our best practice templates

2. Select a realistic writing (font) style for your letter and choose an envelope design.

3..Preview the letter and have a free sample sent to you.

4..Once you’re happy, enter your prospects’ LinkedIn or contact details and we’ll handle the rest.

Send mail to anyone, anywhere.

  • Send your letter to anyone anywhere in the UK, whilst remaining GDPR compliant.
  • Get notified the moment your letter arrives at your prospect’s doorstep .
  • Monitor and track mail delivery from your dashboard.

Why you’ll exceed quota with us…

Fast delivery

Your mail will reach your prospects’ front desk or doorstep within 2-3 days.

Address Confirmation

Reach anyone regardless of where they are working using our address confirmation system.

Easy to scale

You can send letters to as many prospects as you’d like with no added cost or up-sell.

GDPR Compliant

Legally send mail with your prospects’ permission.

Handwritten touch

Your letter will actually be handwritten by one of our artists in accordance to your desired style.

Signature envelopes

You can choose to brand your envelope to further stand out from the crowd.

Connect with your prospects offline.

No card required, it’s 100% free & takes less than a 90 seconds.

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