While everyone is going to spam,

Why not connect with your prospects?

Quickly Build B2B Contact lists

Contact Intelligence to help you reach your prospects faster with the right message

Gather contact details from wherever your prospect stays:

Goodbye Gatekeeper, Hello C-Level

Say goodbye to the dreaded “Does he/she know you’re calling?” and hello to “Send me a calendar invite for 1pm Tuesday”.

Secure & Reliable

100% verifiable contact details. There’s no way we’ll give you outdated emails.

React Faster

Prospect at scale quicker, without losing that personal touch you need to get the meeting.

Prospect better and quicker with quiklist…

Lightning fast

Get your prospect’s contact details, intelligence and company insight instantly (1.4 second max)

Accurate contact info

Gather accurate and verified contact emails with one click

Actual useful insight

Get insight into your prospect’s role and responsibilities, who they work with, recent posts, company news

GDPR compliant

Our tool is 100% compliant. If a prospect asks how you got their details, send them to us

Endless platforms

Gather contact intelligence across your prospect’s corporate website, linkedin and twitter

Any format

Export your data as .csv/.xcl/.json/.txt any format of your liking

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